17 04, 2015

The Pinchin Street Torso Continued

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Following on from our previous instalment of The Pinchin Street Torso, and back to the latest discovery in Whitechapel at that time, at 5.25am on September 10th, PC William Pennett came across a bundle concealing a human torso, missing both the head and the legs, clothed in the scant remains of a bloody chemise. No [...]

8 04, 2015

The Pinchin Street Torso: A Chilling Introduction

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Of all the murders in the Whitechapel file, none is more mysterious than the body found in the railway arches on Pinchin Street, St George, in the East End of London, on September 10th 1889. The coded telegraph message “Whitechapel Again!” was sent to all stations in London, but this time, it was not a [...]

2 04, 2015

Character Profiles: Sir Charles Warren (Met Police)

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In our second instalment of Sir Charles Warren’s character profile, we will be taking a look at his operations during the Ripper murders in 1888. To start with, many fictional accounts of the Ripper case portray Warren as a bit of a buffoon and out of his depth. His previous investigatory experience had been strictly [...]

29 03, 2015

Character Profiles: Sir Charles Warren (Early Years)

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Despite criticism, the Metropolitan Police Force in 1888 consisted of a fair few members who were determined to lead them in the right direction, and Sir Charles Warren was certainly one of them. In part one of two articles, we will be looking at his early years and ultimately his role during the Ripper murders. [...]

23 03, 2015

Jack The Ripper and The Whitechapel Murders: The Non Canonical Victims

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PC Ernest Thompson had been on the police force less than two months and was patrolling his first solo beat on the evening of February 13th 1891. His beat took him along Chamber Street, past Swallow Gardens. Swallow Gardens, despite it’s attractive sounding name was actually a dimly lit alleyway under a railway bridge that [...]

19 03, 2015

Henry Matthews: Home Secretary

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Though Henry Matthews engaged in some questionable activity at the time of the Ripper murders, there is no denying his role in the investigation, for better or worse. Read on to see more about his early views and place in the case. Overview The Right Honourable Henry Matthews MP was a Conservative Member of Parliament [...]

12 03, 2015

Capturing Jack the Ripper: In the Boots of a Bobby in Victorian London by Neil R. A. Bell

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Every so often a book on Jack the Ripper is published that becomes a must have. Not because of some lurid, talked about suspect theory or sensationalist evidence (that usually does not stand up under scrutiny) or some gimmick (DNA testing, a scientific examination, written by a murder squad detective or a suspects descendent) but [...]

7 03, 2015

Robert Anderson: Later Down the Line (Part Two)

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In our second installment of our profile on Robert Anderson, we will be taking a look at his involvement in the Ripper murder case and his own personal thoughts on the identity of Jack the Ripper. Later Down the Line Anderson wanted the police to arrest all unfortunates they came across on the streets at [...]

1 03, 2015

Robert Anderson: Early Years (Part One)

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Another member of the police force that tackled the Ripper case in 1888 was Robert Anderson. In a two-part series, we will be taking a look at his early years, as well as what followed when he became involved in the investigation. Early Years Dr Robert (later Sir) Anderson was born in 1841 to a [...]

23 02, 2015

Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders

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The Non-Canonical Victims - Part 2 Martha Tabram Martha Tabram is the non-canonical victim that most divides the Ripperology community. Her death, coming just before the start of the Autumn of Terror, the location relative to the later crimes and the sheer ferocity of her death make her (in the eyes of some) a possible [...]