The Jack the Ripper Walk have joined forces with the organising team behind the Jack the Ripper Conference and noted international true crime aficionados behind the Rippercast podcast and together we are proud to announce the formation of a UK based true crime club. Following in the footsteps of “Our Society” (otherwise known as The Crimes Club and frequented by notables such as Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle – who was actually one of it’s founding members in 1903) we are proud to present H Division Crime Club UK.

H Division is designed to be a unique social and research society that will offer meet ups both in London and in various regions of the UK. We will also have an active social media presence encouraging debate, discussion and sharing of resources and materials. While obviously inspired by an interest in the Jack the Ripper murders and a fascination with the East End of London, we are studying all areas of true crime and mystery. The name H Division is just a homage to the origin of our interest and the greatest unsolved mystery of all time.

Our remit will be as follows:
“Open to all, we aim to promote the in-depth, compassionate and critical study of UK and international true crime, with regular nods to our spiritual home of London’s East End and the most notorious case in the history of true crime – the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders of 1888.”

Since opening our metaphorical Facebook doors at the start of November we have had over 200 people join our group and nearly a hundred posts on topics including: Harry Roberts
John F. Kennedy, John George Haigh, Aileen Wuornos, Lord Lucan, Mary Jane Kelly and Jack the Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, Dr. Crippen, Neville Heath, The Dismemberer of Mons, Andras Pandy, Atlanta Child Murders, Mary Pearcey, Julia Wallace, H H Holmes, Justice Godfrey, PC William Gutteridge, Florence Bravo, Lynette White, ’a parish widow in Whitechapel’, Dennis Nilsen, Richard Hickok & Perry Smith, John Reginald Christie, The Krays, Elisa Lam, Mark Bridger, Westminster Alleged Paedophile Ring and Allegation of Murder, Charles Manson, Siege of Sidney Street, Charlotte Dymond, Charles Walton, Gordon Park, Dripping Lewis, Raoul Moat, Martha Brown, Great Train Robbery, Helen Smith, Muriel Drinkwater and the Saturday Night Strangler. We are also going to hold regular q&a sessions, quizzes, and discussions with members to look at specific interests in true crime and why we find it such a captivating subject.

As you can see from this list we have covered numerous cases from all around the UK (and worldwide) and ranging from Victorian cases to modern day investigations (though we have special rules for discussing recent or current investigations and trials ensuring they are done so responsibly, sensitively and within restrictions of UK law). We try and encourage cases with an element of mystery of social or historical importance, but any new discussion or information is welcome.

Soon we will be launching our website and planning our first meeting. We will also be launching a quarterly magazine to update members on goings on within the club and future plans. We hope to have an annual Christmas dinner with after dinner speakers and may also look at running crime conferences in coming years.

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, then please get in touch. You can join in our Facebook discussion at when our website launches we will be posting further details here and on Facebook.