Jack the Ripper Crime Map

Jack The Ripper wasn’t the friendliest of chaps. In fact, what he did was actually the least friendly stuff thinkable. Also known as the ‘Whitechapel Murderer’ and ‘Leather Apron, over the course of several months in 1888, he tormented London, and brutally murdered five women in the city. Of course, in the time since, we’ve spent plenty of time analysing, guessing, speculating and even touring through what he did, but we still don’t have any answers as to whose hands it was at that these women met their savage and untimely demises.

What we do know is where these crimes took place. We have an exact location for each and everyone, as our Crime Map demonstrates. Additionally, we have the dates of each and every death. We also know a little something about each of his unfortunate victims. Their profession (prostitutes), the socio-economic status (poor), and their health (typically affected by drink and a hard life). We also know the gruesome details of their deaths themselves – not for those with weak stomachs!

On the map, you can see exactly where each crime scene was, and the proximity to the one before. It’s a lot easier to visualise with the dates and images together, and of course, the iconic landmarks alongside them so you can feel more connected to these tragic incidents and put them into context today. This only serves to remind us how real this all was.

What you might not have known is some of the fun (or not-so-fun…) facts about the case, as indicated in the Crime Map too. For example, the Royal Family were indeed suspected of being involved, and there were indeed around 11 murders in Whitechapel at the time, although only 5 were thought to have been perpetrated by the notorious ‘Ripper’ himself. Or could that be herself? Yes, there are even some theories which have this misogynist down as a woman!

It’s almost easy to dismiss interest in this case as a horror story, almost like a work of fiction (see the numerous fictitious accounts which have been created over the years), or as only the concern of ‘Ripperologists’ like us. However, this really happened. No matter who did it, five women – and maybe more – were killed. Despite your views on their trade, or your definition of their worth, each of these women was an innocent individual, and this Crime Map intends to put that into perspective.

Jacke The Ripper - London Crime Map