Halloween is a much-celebrated occasion, but do we really know what it’s all about or do we just trick or treat it for free sweets? Read on for some facts you might not have ever known about the summers end.

  • Halloween was originally believed to be born in Ireland!
  • Halloween is believed to be over 2000 years old
  • Halloween is celebrated as an honour in Germany purely out of respect for the deceased
  • Halloween was believed to be a day when spirits crossed over into another world
  • The colours black and orange are associated with Halloween because orange is the colour of harvest, and black is the colour of night and also commonly associated with the dead
  • It is said that if you see a spider during Halloween, it is a deceased loved one come to visit you
  • Pumpkins haven’t always been the vegetable used for Jack O’ Lanterns; they originally used to be made out of turnips and looked much spookier. It
    was then discovered that pumpkins were both a cheaper and tastier alternative but in the colour of harvest. Jack O’ Lanterns are believed to keep the spirits away from you during the night of Halloween
  • The reason people initially started dressing up in spooky attire during Halloween was due them wanting to blend in with the ghosts and spirits and not to be recognised by them as mortals
  • In the U.S, candy sales during Halloween hit around two billion dollars per annum. It is the second biggest commercial event of the year after Christmas
  • The story of Count Dracula by Irish man, Bram Stoker, was initially created in Ireland
  • Think all pumpkins are orange? Think again! You can get pumpkins in the colours blue, white and green too!
  • There are loads of people worldwide, today, who believe they are real vampires and have their own communities of like-minded vamps
  • Black cats were believed to be a protection barrier for witches and their powers

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