With Halloween just weeks away, many of you will be planning festivities with friends and family or looking to attend something rather spectacular at this most hallowed time of year. For the more ambitious among you, have we got a treat of an idea in store!

Ladies and gentlemen, ghosts and ghouls, introducing (drum roll please) Jack the Ripper: The Murder Mystery.

If you’re bored of going to masquerade balls and carving Jack O’ Lanterns, then our Jack the Ripper Murder Mystery night might be just what you need to revive your love of all things Halloween. Forget trick or treating, forget baking pumpkin pie, and prepare for your mind to be blown all over the walls.

Take your average murder mystery and put a Jack the Ripper spin on it. Sounds simple enough, and given the right amount of research and thought, your Halloween might just solve the 127-year-old mystery of who Jack really was.

Pre-meditated Play

First, you need to plan your event. Depending on your venue of choice and space available, you’re going to need up to five victims and crime scenes, and at least a handful of suspects. Add in a Crime Scene Investigator and a few other members of the public and you’re looking at 15-20 guests.

Choose your location wisely, based on how many crime scenes you’re going to inspect and how many suspects you’ll include.

Think of crime scene placement and interactions. Leave carefully placed evidence and clues for your guests to find…and pray they don’t end up in the wrong hands – your guests’ objectives should direct them towards clues of interest! Be imaginative with your scenes of crime and get creative.

Second, invite your guests to your mystery evening. Assign each guest a character – include name, age, occupation and ideas for outfit choices and any necessary props. Encourage guests to stay in character for as long as possible! Tip: if a guest is a victim, add some fake blood to their costume once they have been ‘killed’ – that way, they still get to join in!

Break a Leg

On the night of your event, get into character and introduce yourself, and the evening’s proceedings. Hand out objectives to each character and let them mingle until BANG! A murder! The investigator arrives and informs you all that a killer is amongst us all…

Depending on how many victims you decide to include, the Jack the Ripper Murder Mystery could take a few hours, to get through all the harrowing evidence and crime scenes. Don’t forget to include refreshments and drinks for your guests too.

Case Closed

When all the crime scenes have been visited, the Investigator announces a trial! Presenting his evidence and inviting guests to make accusations, the mystery of just who Jack the Ripper was will finally be solved! Or will it…

If you think you’re up for a bit of role play this Halloween, why not try and create your own Jack the Ripper Murder Mystery. Remember to have fun with it, and maybe even give out awards for best dressed, best acting and character portrayal.

For inspiration and cold, hard facts on the real Jack the Ripper, be sure to join us on our Jack the Ripper Walk. Held daily, with a special Halloween tour just for you, tickets are in high demand, so get in touch and buy yours today.