The Jack the Ripper case has gone down in history, as has the murderer’s reputation as one of the most notorious serial killers to date. Today, the legacy lives on, with Jack the Ripper walks and various media covering the story, leaving out no gritty and gruesome details along the way.

The Ripper’s tale is just as intriguing now as it was terrifying during the Autumn of Terror, and the air of mystery surrounding the case is arguably part of what draws us in to learn more.

To see what we mean, read on.


The most obvious and perhaps prominent untold detail of the case is, of course, the Ripper’s identity. Over the years, a long list of suspects has accumulated, though no one can say for sure whether the acts were carried out by the hand of an author or a midwife; one factor that never fails to grab our attention.

Most of us have our own ideas as to who the Ripper might have been, but, in almost every case, there is much speculation surrounding the actual suspect and the reasoning behind the claim. It is unlikely the mystery surrounding the identity of Jack the Ripper will ever be solved, but would it be so unfortunate if it wasn’t? After all, this is a part of the legacy that has lived on, giving Ripperologists everywhere the opportunity to delve deeper into the case and draw their own conclusions…

Why did the Ripper target prostitutes?

There are several reasons that have been put forward for why the Ripper targeted prostitutes, many of them whittling down to a hatred of women. Again, like the killer’s identity, we can’t say for sure the reason for the strategic murders, and so, this mysterious fact lives on, unlikely ever to be resolved.

The Public’s Reaction

Although the streets of the East End were awash with crime, the Ripper murders undoubtedly shocked the public, and the press reacted in quite an unconventional way, to say the least.

Notable examples include slating the police force at the time for their efforts, with one article titled ‘Blind Man’s Bluff’, accompanied by an image of a blindfolded copper. Perhaps this satiric approach was to mask the fear of communities living in the East End at the time…

These are just three mysterious factors surrounding the Jack the Ripper case. To find out more, join on our walk around the East End, where you will be exposed to evidence and reports, all depicted using Ripper Vision.