The Victorian era, at times, was a ghastly one. Their obsession with death and less than pleasant tendencies weren’t the only things to worry about if you were living in this era though, as there were also many infamous killers at the time.

Below we have highlighted just three.

Richard Dadd

Before his killings, Richard Dadd was famous for his artsy interpretations of mythical creatures.

He spent a lot of his time drawing inspiration from his surroundings, but a trip to Egypt in 1882 was to change all that. During his time there, Dadd suffered an acute breakdown, during which his personality began to alter.

On top of growing aggressive, he was convinced that Osiris, an Egyptian God, was controlling him. Dadd stabbed his father to death before killing a tourist trying to escape the country.

Mary Ann Cotton

1852 marked the year Mary Ann Cotton married husband William Mowbray, but, from here, it was all about to go dangerously downhill.

Following their marriage, the couple had five children together, but, sadly, only one survived from what was believed to be a bout of gastric flu. After moving up North, the couple had three children. But, mysteriously, all three, as well as William Mowbray, passed away.

It was not until she remarried, and her new husband passed away that suspicion began to fester. In 1873, she was convicted, and her believed method of killing is thought to be arsenic.

Jack the Ripper

Perhaps the most notorious on our list of Victorian killers, the case of Jack the Ripper is shrouded in mystery.

There are a few things we do know though, like the fact that he targeted prostitutes and murdered at least five people during his reign.

Still, there is much to be learnt about this case, even a century on. So, if you’d like to relive the terror of 1888 in the East End, where it all happened, join us on one of our Jack the Ripper walks!

These are just three killers from the Victorian era. Do you have any more to add to the list?