History tells us that Halloween is distinguished for being the day that the worlds of the living and the dead merge, and the dead can once again walk amongst the living, and more often than not, the living spend the day in costume, blending in with the ghosts, spirits and otherwise.

If you’re looking for something a bit different for the family this Halloween, then look no further, the Jack the Ripper Walk have scoped out the very best in ghostly going’s on for you to get involved with this All Hallows Eve.

Featuring everything you would expect from celebrating Halloween in the capital, and some you might not, you’re sure to be in for a scare this October.

Jack the Ripper Walk Halloween Special

The only Jack the Ripper Walking Tour worth visiting this Hallowe’en! Stopping off at all of the Ripper’s murder sites in the East End of London, including a trip to the infamous Ten Bells pub and a viewing of original crime scene documents including maps, photos and some of the Scotland Yard police files on the man himself. Discuss theories and swap notes with other enthusiasts in a traditional Victorian pub to end your evening.

Spooky Pet Makeovers

Pet Pavilion stores in Kensington and Chelsea are giving you the chance to get your pets involved in the Halloween dress up fun. With goody bags and treats for all pets involved, and costumes available including Dracula and Batman, let your dog get in the Halloween spirit like never before.

Chills in the Chapel

The Union Chapel in Canonbury, Islington are going all out, this year. Over two nights, they will be showing classic slasher films ‘Escape from New York’ and a ‘Halloween’ medley special; both including live score accompaniment from Alan Haworth himself. Dress up in your most ghoulish outfit, and party like the dead all night long at the after show ball.

Trick or Treat Run

Are you sick of eating Halloween sweets and cakes already? Impossible, we know, but for the more health conscious of you, we have found the best cure: a Trick or Treat Run in Richmond Park. Pick a 2k, 5k or 10k run through the historic park, complete with a fantastically creepy set up of themed zones to keep you on your toes, literally! Choose your ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ finish line – but choose wisely! Register now for your place in the eeriest, ghostliest run of your life.

London Horror Festival

Taking place throughout October, this year LHF showcases the most horrific (not really!) cabaret, burlesque shows, comedy, plays, psychic predictions and a screening of a classic, Halloween favourite, The Wicker Man – a range of scary goings on for the whole family – but do check the suitability of each event first.

Pick Your Own Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a time old Halloween tradition, harking back to the Celtic days and folklore of Stingy Jack and his coal lantern. These days, it’s a family friendly Halloween activity that we can all enjoy, regardless of carving ability. Wellies are advisable, but there is nothing better than picking your own sweet, juicy pumpkin ready to carve and light. Bargain pumpkins for everyone at Pick Your Own Pumpkin.

Dark Arts at Hogwarts

Witches and wizards are commonplace at Halloween, year in year out, and the appeal of Harry Potter is not waning. The Warner Bros Studio Tour in Leavesden brings all the magic of the Dark Arts to life this Halloween – a must for Harry fans and novices; kids and adults alike. Meet the intimidating Death Eaters patrolling Diagon Alley, visit their HQ at Malfoy Manor and take in the Hogwarts Express, Halloween edition. “Something wicked this way comes!”

Terror on the Thames

Re-live Victorian London this Halloween, the way it was intended: with corsets and top hats at the ready; this event is not for the faint-hearted. Re-enact dissections, lookout for werewolves, dance the Death Waltz or partake in a Dorian Gray-esque life drawing class, all the while dodging grave robbers and mysterious, cloaked characters. Terror on the Thames will transport you to 19th century London in style.

With all this and so much more going on this Halloween, it’s hard to decide where to go and what to do once you’ve been on your Jack the Ripper Walk! For more information, please get in touch today – tickets are selling fast!