The Victorians revelled in crime and punishment: they loved a good hanging and weren’t afraid to indulge with psychics and fortune tellers connecting them to their dead friends and relatives.

However, when it came to things that actually went bump in the night, it goes without saying that Jack the Ripper was definitely up there as someone to be afraid of. So let us help you make this Halloween come to life with an extra special celebration of all things ghoulish and ghostly.

Spooky Settings

Setting the scene is important for any good party, but especially so at Halloween. Err on the side of caution when it comes to comical decorations so as to avoid being cheesy. Similarly, hiring scare actors to spook your guests might be a little over the top. A solitary skeleton sat at the dinner table, cobwebs strewn about the candlelit house, and bats flying around will add just the right amount of eerie to your Halloween get-together.

Bites and Nibbles

Eat, drink, sing, dance, be merry, and then let the fun begin. Serve Bloody Mary punch with added (jelly) snakes and (grape) eyeballs as a surprise. You could even freeze tiny doll body parts in ice cubes for an extra freaky addition to spook guests.

Make your food look as deathly as possible. Turn mini hotdogs into fingers with some careful preparation and serve with ribs, in a dark and delicious blood red sauce and squid ink spaghetti. Blood spattered cupcakes, and spider cookies, complete with candy floss wrapped ‘insects’ from their web will make a great platter.

Deadly Entertainment

Leave a Ouija board set up in the living room and put your lights on a timer to have them flicker when guests attempt to contact the dead. You might consider having a psychic reading, too, for old times’ sake. Set up a Jack Carving contest in the garden. Play trick or treat style card games with horror film soundtracks in the background. It is always a nice touch to reward your guests for their efforts with costumes, too.

Ripping Good Time

If hosting a Halloween party isn’t quite up your street, but you do fancy testing your 21st century mettle with a trip to East London, where you can relive 19th century horrors, then join us on our Halloween special Jack the Ripper walk for something spooky, eerie and disturbing, all at the same time.

The Jack the Ripper Walk runs daily, but tickets for our Halloween event are selling quickly, so move fast to get involved and buy your ticket today!