To this day, the Jack the Ripper murders continue to be one of, if not the most mysterious case in history. This is largely because there is no certain motive, and the identity of the killer has remained concealed since the murders took place.

The canonical five victims are by no means the only ones to suffer an unsolved case though. Read on to see just two other unexplained murders and the stories behind them.

Tom Roche

On 13th September 1991, Tom Roche disappeared after dropping his wife, Barbara, at work. That same day, the couple were meant to meet up again for lunch, but Roche didn’t turn up. Returning to the apartment, Barbara reported the unusual circumstances to the police, after failing to find him.

Six days after Tom Roche was reported missing, a letter was posted in her mailbox. Though anonymous, the letter came with personal items of Tom’s, including his license and credit card, and a confession.

The mysterious author of the letter said he lured Tom to a ‘meeting’ and, to add credibility, a neighbour claimed they witnessed Tom talking to a nameless man. What makes this case interesting though is that an acquaintance said they spotted him in their store the day after, which led some people to believe that he may have faked a disappearance.

The following year, on January 12th, Tom’s skeletal remains were discovered in Placer County. It was concluded that Roche had died after being shot. However, with his remains was a bag, which brings about the question; did he travel to meet his fate of his own accord?

Julia Wallace

January 1931 marks the event of Julia Wallace’s death, and though there are many theories surrounding this case, it remains unsolved.

The night prior to her fate, William Wallace, her husband, got a message on his phone. The plan was to meet up with a man to talk about insurance at Menlove Gardens East, but this location is now known not to exist.

Returning home after trying to find the place, Wallace discovered Julia dead on the floor after being bludgeoned.

He was a prime suspect in the case, later being convicted of Julia’s murder. Although he was due to be hung, this was soon overturned based on the lack of evidence, no motive or weapon.

Perhaps the most prominent theory surrounding the case is that a fellow worker, whom Wallace had bad blood with, acted out of revenge.

These are just two unexplained murder cases. And whilst these cases are intriguing, to say the least, they are not as well-known as that of Jack the Ripper. What makes the Ripper case all the more intriguing is how up close and personal you can get with it, on one of our walking tours. So book your place and have a go at trying to solve the mystery…