Some people scare easily; some take a whole lot of evidence to get that familiar feeling of dread… but why do we feel scared of some things and not others? Jack the Ripper Walks investigates Fear. See our line of eccentric walks and tours right here!

Fight or Flight

When we are scared, we sense fear. Fear is one of the strongest emotions known to mankind and is both mental and physical. Fear can be broken down into two categories.

Firstly, animal instinct, aka fight or flight. We are born with this predisposition and when we see something that we perceive to be frightening or life-threatening – such as a knife-wielding madman or a rising tide and strong current – our body subconsciously reacts. Those of us who are quite fearful would feel their heart race and palms sweat, as they prepare to run. Those that are braver would take adrenaline from their racing heart and prepare to face their fear head-on.

Secondly, we have irrational fear, or “phobias”. These fears are the ones we are exposed to every day as we live and grow. For example, many people are scared of spiders, heights and dentists. Others are scared of oranges or peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. Regardless of the fear, it is very real to the sufferer. They will experience the same emotions, mental and physical, as someone who is scared of a fight or flight fear, such as drowning.

Facing Your Fears

Whatever your fear is – falling, sleeping in the dark, the crack on the road, or a snake – it is important that we face things that scare us. One of the most common scare-factors out there is the fear of death.  There is a whole film industry based on this fear, and horror films and ghost stories are popular because you can face your fear in (relative) safety. The positive of this method of facing fear is that there is a whole cult-like swathe of people out there, all looking for a safe scare in the most realistic way possible.

People visit with psychics and other spiritual mediums in the search for those on the other side; they get out their Ouija boards and try to summon them themselves. They are facing their fears like pros!

Real Life Horror

Another way to enliven your senses and break down the fear barrier is to engage with morbid curiosity. There are people all over the world who actively seek out thrills in the form of true crime experiences. Visit historical places, steeped in criminal history that stands the test of time. Sound like your bag? You’ll be in for a treat this Halloween with a Jack the Ripper tour then!

Covering ground in East London that is well known for the Ripper crimes, we’ll take you on a journey, from crime scene to crime scene. We’ll give you access to privileged Scotland Yard files and photos, and we’ll even discuss theories about the Ripper in the pub with you afterwards. Join us for the one and only Jack the Ripper walk this Halloween and re-awaken your fear. So, what are you waiting for, scaredy cat…